Resources for families

  • A Comparison Chart of SNT  vs. Able Account, created by the Special Needs Alliance and ABLE National Resource Center can be found here.
  • Steve Leimberg’s Income Tax Planning Email Newsletter: “The Importance of Knowing the Difference Between a Scam and When the IRS is Actually Knocking at Your Door.” Click here to view the email newsletter.
  • FAQs re Kentucky Medicaid Waivers: Click Here
  • “Is There a Place for a Family Member with Special Needs in the Family Business?” The Voice (SNA) Click here to read the article.
  • Estate and Trust Planning for Relatives of Family Members with a Mental Illness, Oldham County, KY, “Family to Family” program of NAMI, September 24, 2016 (see presentation here)
  • Estate and Trust Planning for Relatives of Family Members with a Developmental Disability, Stewart Home School, May 17, 2013. Click here to view the presentation.

Resources for attorneys

  • Best Practices for Opening and Settling a Minor or Disabled Person’s Personal Injury Claim, The Advocate, September 2021 (read the article here)
  • Protecting Your Disabled Client’s Settlement or Judgment Proceeds: Issues and Planning Tools, The Advocate, September 2018 (read the article here)
  • Planning under new section 529A (ABLE) accounts legislation, Estate Planning Council of Louisville, September 21, 2016 (see presentation here)
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